Integrated marketing and learning

Strategic Learning Designs


Building a Strategy ... and a Solution

In today's marketplace, the challenge is to focus all resources relentlessly towards the same goals. Effective integration among customer-facing teams in marketing, customer service, user education and sales is a powerful strategy.

Strategic Learning Designs can help your organization build and deliver integrated plans which set the stage for internal and customer education programs that complement sales and marketing initiatives.

Working collaboratively, Strategic Learning Designs:

  1. Identifies what you’re trying to accomplish;

  2. Creates a realistic plan for reaching your goals, and;

  3. Works with you to build and implement the initiative.

Our approach recognizes that every person who “touches” a customer represents everything for which your company stands. Every in-coming or outgoing phone call, every printed piece, each training workshop, your web presence and the people who staff your booth at conferences send a message to your customers or prospective customers. Having a clear and consistent message embedded in every customer interaction is critical for your success.

We have decades of experience building market informed programs that:

  1. Create value-added learning experiences for customers

  2. Build internal capacity through powerful skills-building workshops

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