Integrated marketing and learning

Strategic Learning Designs


Instructional Design

We work with subject matter experts and frontline personnel to:

  1. Understand the situation

  2. Design a solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget

  3. Tests the solution against the selected delivery method

  4. Monitors the implementation

  5. Measures results

  6. Situation.  In the initial phase of our engagement, we work with you to fully understand what needs to be done. Some of the methods we use include internal and customer discussions, product reviews, competitive analysis and market research.

  7. Solutions Design.  With you, we will develop a scope and action plan proposing solution recommendations and identifying responsibilities, timelines and budgets. The program design can result in recommendations that include learning and non-learning options.  The program design will be informed by sales, marketing and/or organizational goals.

  8. Delivery. We will work with you to identify the appropriate delivery methods. Delivery can include custom-tailored professional develop programs for your staff or your customers. The programs can be delivered traditionally (face to face), electronically (webinar, LMS, self-help videos and text) or some combination.  Or, based on recommendations, the delivery may include off-site meetings or proprietary conferences.

  9. Implementation. Implementing the program may include: planning and administration; beta tests of the training delivery; training of trainers and; training delivery (where appropriate). Throughout, our goal is to leave your organization stronger by building your internal capacity.

  10. Metrics. We will work with you to identify and collect data that will allow you to assess program impact and search for ways to make improvements going forward. From the early stages of the engagement, we will work with you to:

  11. Identify quantifiable success measures

  12. Build formative and summative assessments

  13. Use appropriate, timely methods to collect and analyze data