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Our Approach to Research

Strategic Learning Designs takes a very disciplined approach to designing and executing market research studies. We approach market research by breaking it down into three elements:

  1. Understanding the ultimate business use of the research

  2. Collecting on-point and actionable data

  3. Analyzing the data and presenting recommendations to the client.

Market research often begins with an organizational review at an appropriate level of depth so that we understand the important business drivers internally and externally. This review often includes getting to know our client’s senior team, understanding its key products and developing a full understanding of the business climate. A key outcome of this stage is the development of the research agenda.

When we begin the actual data collection, we like to include current, former and prospective customers in the research, as appropriate. Other data sources include industry experts. Even in this discrete phase of the research assignment, we will often try out preliminary research designs to ensure we’re capturing actionable, reliable data.

The interpersonal element in market research is a critical component.  Learning Designs uses professionals who are tremendously effective at building relationships, facilitating groups and drawing out just-below-the-surface insights and opinions.

We develop full reports for the client which highlight actionable recommendations supported by thoughtful analysis and backed by raw interview notes. While there is always a full written report, we often present an executive summary to a client’s senior team and lead a full discussion of the findings and recommendations.