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What do you need to support your sales, outreach and marketing efforts?

  1. Market Research

  2. Research Approaches

  3. Research Methods

  4. Seminars and Workshops

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Research Methods

Our research methods include:

  1. One on one interviews

  2. Web and telephone group Interviews

  3. In-person focus groups

  4. Surveys

  5. Web research

One on one interviews. It’s been our experience that personal discussions produce insightful, useful information. We often use personal interviews with industry experts, key customers and highly visible prospective customers to build a 360 degree view of the market and the perception the market has of your product (or product ideas).  In-depth interviews can help delimit quantitative research if it is needed to assess larger numbers of customers and prospects. In addition, we often include one-on-one interviews with frontline employees to incorporate their insights into the research data.

Group Interviews.  Group interviews and virtual focus groups are effective at generating ideas and cross-synergies.  While avoiding key limitations of traditional focus groups - sampling that is limited by geography and time - virtual focus groups can also be highly cost and time effective.  The key to group interviews / focus groups is the skill of the facilitator at leading discussions, collecting data, avoiding group think and encouraging active participation from all participants.

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