Integrated marketing and learning

Strategic Learning Designs


Learning Options

We’ve discovered that many of our customers have benefitted from the learning services outlined below.  Of course each service is customized to the unique and specific needs of each client. And they are molded to be fully in line with the language, products, strategic goals and initiatives of our clients, while adhering to our design strategies.

Team Learning Solutions

  1. Instructional Design / Custom-Developed Learning Programs.  We pride ourselves on our instructional design capabilities. We can custom develop face to face and online learning programs. We specialize in developing end-user product training programs, sales and marketing skills, team building, planning sessions, and online help and website content.

  2. Train the Trainer.  For organizations that provide training solutions to large numbers of learners, we have discovered that it is often valuable to wrap a Train the Trainer program around end-user training programs. A Train the Trainer session can allow your organization to extend learning options to customers and maintain high standards without adding to staff. In addition, some customers have incorporated Certification Programs into their Train the Trainer strategies.

  3. Meetings. We can work with you to design planning meetings, sales meetings and off-site retreats. We can work with you to identify a site, structure the environment to ensure you meet your goals, arrange invitations, facilitate the meetings and measure outcomes.

  4. Sales Training.  Emphasizing a consultative approach to selling, this market-informed program builds high level interpersonal skills through discussions and intense practice.  This program can be tailored to meet the needs of internal (telesales) groups, outside sales teams as well as customer service and marketing teams. For more information, see the Selling Skills Workshop Brochure.pdf.

  5. Presentation Skills. This program describes a three part approach to making effective presentations. The program offers substantial opportunities for participants to practice presentations and receive constructive feedback. The emphasis of the program is on customer-facing presentations and as a result, the content can be tailored to reflect the products and services of the organization. For more information, see the Presentation Skills Workshop Brochure.pdf

  6. Team Building. This program helps teams understand how working together can lead to better group and individual results. Participants will learn practical skills and strategies which they can put to immediate use. We use the MBTI to help assess personality types and then use that information to lead team building sessions.