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  1. Consultative Selling Skills

  2. Presentation Skills

  3. Team Building

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Presentation Skills

The Strategic Learning Designs Presentation Skills Program offers a proven, powerful interactive model and equips professionals with the skills they need to make highly effective presentations. All presentations share common components - and potentially common pitfalls. Learn the keys to planning and delivering effectively. Get your audience involved. Encourage learning. Make sure your audience walks away with actionable information.

Deep, Practical Knowledge

Led by highly accomplished trainers, participants will learn skills and strategies

which they can use to deliver consistent, effective presentations and workshops. The workshop is structured to encourage practice presentations with constructive feedback.

Customized to Address Your Organization’s Needs

The solutions-driven presentations workshop builds skills tailored to your team’s needs. It can be customized as a one or two day program, and generally is delivered with 5-10 participants.  Customization options can include background preparation discussions with key sales and marketing personnel as well as post-workshop follow-up and coaching.

What Your Team Will Learn

As a result of actively participating in this interactive, experiential workshop, your team will demonstrate their understanding of:

  1. The three key components of planning a presentation

  2. How to make effective use of discussions, presentations and hands-on activities

  3. How to encourage effective, on-point interaction

  4. How to deliver useful, actionable presentations and reports

  5. How to use materials to supplement group learning