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  1. Consultative Selling Skills

  2. Presentation Skills

  3. Team Building

  4. Webinar Design and Facilitation

  5. Writing Services


Writing Services

Every strategic project has a need for support materials. Whether you’re in need of online copywriting, marketing brochures, training support materials or online content, we can help you design the marketing tool that will work best for you.

Strategic Learning Designs works with you to define the purpose, the materials, the content and the layout that will best represent your statement to your audience.  We can coordinate the entire process from concept and design to production, printing and delivery of:

  1. Workshop materials:

  2. Participants’ workbooks

  3. Instructor guides (outlines, scripts, activities, timing)

  4. Facilitator materials (powerpoint, handouts, examples)

  5. White papers

  6. Online content

  7. Product & Service Brochures

  8. Product Data Sheets